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Titan Metal works (Malaysia)

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Testimonials from Clients

An honest look into how we work

Hieroglifs Translation Team is reliable and dependable. Hieroglifs translated 211 pages of technical documents in Chinese and English in less than 21 days despite having Christmas right in the middle of it. The documents are required to be tendered in the court of law. My lawyer is impressed with the speed and accuracy of the translation.

Titan Metal Works


Translations with a lot of attention to the customer. Great professionalism. Perfect translations in any language. Quick and very competitive quotations.

Studio Dell'Aiuto


Responsive team, always with high precision and meeting deadlines! Thank you for the professional translation service and support in everyday business challenges! The pleasure of cooperation!

Berg research


User manuals

Inaccurate or poorly translated instruction manuals can lead to misunderstandings, misuse of products, and potential safety hazards.

Marketing materials

Poor translations may fail to capture the essence of your brand or fail to evoke the desired emotional response, resulting in missed market opportunities and limiting your growth potential.

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What we focus on

Legal documents

A bad translation in legal proceedings can lead to costly litigation battles, delays in court proceedings, and unnecessary legal expenses.

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Our Main Services

Our translation services cover many industries and languages, ​making sure messages are clear and suitable for businesses ​everywhere.

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